How it works


Create A New Shipping plan

The first step is to create a new shipping plan in Seller Central. Only list your products and quantities for each SKU. Nothing further is needed at this point. Simply stop and Amazon will save your plan automatically.

Send Us Your Instructions

Using the form at the bottom of this page, fill out the required fields along with your instructions and services you wish to have us perform. Then submit your request.

Create an Assistant Account

Create an Assistant Account which grants us limited secure access to your shipping plan details. From here we will print the necessary FNSKU, carton and pallet labels required by Amazon. Once your order is ready to ship we will finalize the shipping plan and arrange delivery with Amazon.

Submit Your Credit Card Authorization Form

Lastly, download and complete a credit card authorization form. Email the form to Charges won't be applied until your shipment is complete and ready to send. Once payment has been authorized your goods will be shipped to Amazon.

send a shipment (sas form)

service 1 (LABELING)
service 2 (BUBBLE WRAP)
service 3 (BUNDLING)