frequently asked question

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How does an Assistant Account work?

At the time of onboarding, we will send you a Seller Central sub-account set up guide. The sub-account will grant us limited permissions to create FBA Shipments on your behalf and complete tasks such as printing FNSKU labels, uploading box content information, and printing shipping labels.

Where are you located?

We have warehouses in Buffalo, New York, Los Angeles, California and Toronto, Ontario. Depending on your requirements, we would route you to one of our locations.

Do I have to set up sub-account access?

If you are sending us one-off shipments with just a few SKUs, such as with an FBA Removal Order, you can email us the FNSKU labels directly. Our team will contact you when your shipment is ready with the box information for you to generate the shipping labels.

How fast do you prep and ship my items to Amazon?

We normally process and ship received inventory same-day. However, if we receive inventory towards the end of the day, it will likely be shipped the next business day.

Can you handle Containers?

Yes we can handle containers. Please be advised that unloading containers and the turnaround time will take a bit longer to prep and sent to Amazon. Contact us for any assistance.

Is Shipping Cost included in your fees?

Shipping cost is not included in our fees. It is billed to your Amazon account directly when we print shipping labels from your Seller Central sub-account.

You will be paying Amazon's partnered-carrier rates (the lowest in the industry!). We do not take any part in the shipping cost.

Do you work with new sellers?

Yes absolutely. We work with private label, wholesale, online or retail arbitrage FBA sellers. No matter of the size, we will accomodate you in any way necessary. We understand the importance of your FBA business. 

Do you work with International Sellers?

Yes! We work with both domestic US and international sellers.

What payment methods do you accept?

We are only able to take payment via credit card at this time. Fill out and return your Credit Card Authorization Form. We recommend that you keep a copy of your authorization form for yourself. You can find the form on our How It Works page or ask us for a copy.

Do you handle Amazon returns?

Yes we are able to handle Amazon returns. Contact us for any assistance with your returns.

What products are considered oversize?

We use the same size and weight standards as Amazon uses with its FBA program. Individual units exceeding 18 inches on the longest side or greater than 20 pounds in weight will be charged as oversize.

Can you store my inventory?

Sure! We can store your inventory until you’re ready to send it into Amazon. We offer storage at just $0.75 per cubic foot per month.