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Within Seller Central Amazon offers the ability to securely grant limited access to a third party to assist sellers. We use this feature to print your FNSKU labels, shipping and pallet labels as well as complete your shipping plan and enter carrier tracking information.

NOTE: We cannot see the details of your Amazon account. We only have access to your shipping plan which ensures the privacy of your account.

You can use the Amazon FBA prep services New York with California to have Amazon properly package and prep your products for fulfillment. Amazon FBA service Canada has Packaging and Prep needs for merchandise you ship to and store in Amazon fulfillment centers. Right packaging and organizing unit’s helps to moderate delays in receive time, protect your products while in our fulfillment centers, and create a superior customer experience. If you decide to use the Amazon FBA preparation service, Amazon will prepare your entitled products for a per-unit fee. To have Amazon prepare your products, you must first facilitate FBA Prep Services.


1. Sign into Seller Central

2. Hover over “Settings” in the top right and click on “User Permissions”

3. Under “Add a New Seller Central User” complete the fields and click “Send Invitation”

Name: Empire Prep Service

4. When we receive and accept your invitation you will be notified with a confirmation email. When that happens navigate back to “Settings” and “User Permissions” (see Step 2) and click on “Manage Permissions” for Empire Prep Services

5. Under “Inventory” find the option for “Manage FBA Inventory/Shipments” and select the radio button under “View & Edit”